Lessons I’ve Learned Through My Jobs

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I knew I wanted to be successful since I was a child.  It was pretty much guaranteed that I would study hard in school, go to a top school in my country, graduate, then get a high paying job.  My parents taught me that hard work pays off, and I’ve always tried to live up to that saying.

kidI got my first job when I was 12 babysitting for the neighbourhood’s young children.  On weekends and sometimes after school, I would go to their house and watch their kids.  Through babysitting, I learned tolerance, patience, and observation.  You would be surprised at the amount of parents who can’t ‘parent’ properly.  I once had parents run out of the door as soon as I got in without telling me much except that they would be home late.  Later during the night, one of their children started getting hives and started freaking out.  Thank goodness they were wearing an allergy bracelet because the parents didn’t say anything about any allergies or illnesses.  I had to learn how to tolerate these negligent parents for many years.  Their children turned out fine thanks to my great babysitting skills.

My third job was at a high ranking law firm.  I was an intern, the lowest you can be at a law firm, and my job was to basically photo copy and type out notes.  I quickly moved my way up by networking with the right people and not giving up.  I realized that most people loved when you asked for their advice because it makes them feel wise and secure in their careers, like you’re looking up at them.  I found myself moving through the ranks faster than all of the other interns, primarily because I just talked with the senior associates more and had more personal relationships with them.

You’ll learn quickly that you’ll have to adapt and change throughout life if you want to succeed.  Our world is constantly changing, and most likely, you’ll have to work for many different types of people.  From the parents who hoped that just medical bracelets would save their kids life to the senior associates at the law firm, I had to adapt to both types of people quickly.  I learned to observe, which is how I knew the kid had an allergic reaction, and network, which is how I worked my way up in the law firm.  There are many skills that you can learn by yourself and just make sure to put them to good use.  Trust me, one day these skills will help you live a better life.

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